I’ve always liked the Relictors (Chaos?) Space Marines Chapter, and the fluff I’ve found them in. I’ve read Atlas Infernal thrice blessed, and a Relictors Tech Marine duels a Khorne Berzerker … badass (no spoiler just blood)!

Here are some Relictors working for Inquisitor Zohar’el and double dealing with Chaos Lord Zoharion lolz. As the Blackstone Fortress in my Pacificus Sector is being explored, I’m sure they’re very interested.

I especially like painting my Space Marine minis as Relictors (even desecrating Ultramarine insignia to do so) and running regular Space Marines as Chaos, or vice versa … HERESY:)

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  1. great points altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?

    1. With Primaris happening, it’s both interesting with the fluff, playing within the storylines, and difficult, to consider a place for Relictors … I haven’t personally seen where they approached Guilliman for a pardon. But then jumping on the Primaris train with Primaris Ragnar, now chapter master Blackmane, and Alpha wolves, only the largest ridden by Primaris (perhaps a new Cyberwolf model that’s larger?), I can’t say I’m not excited about possibilities for Primaris. However, and speaking then in regards to Relictors, I’ve never been a fan of costing me (my collection) money. If you see the other post of mine you’d understand, staring into the Eye of my collection, I have literally tens of thousands of dollars (US) into GW products; and that is not the only minis I play not including video games. Losing the smaller original space marines I think is disappointing, and costly to collectors, if this is as it appears going to be the case regardless of what GW said/says. But as I’ve brought up many times, how could it all last 10,000 years anyway yo!? Come on, the Long War, like if I were a Tzeentch sorcerer I wouldn’t have thought up way more fun things to do lol, but at least Kharne is still having fun right! Perhaps at the least, and if I were GW, I would have say a remnants codex or story, some place where the old space marines don’t go to die, but find some use as mercenaries, disgruntled, overshadowed (even by Shrike … but then he is a shadow). Anyway … blah blah blah:)

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